Description of the painting by Arkady Rylov “In the forest”

Description of the painting by Arkady Rylov In the forest

The painting “In the Forest” was painted by Arkady Rylov in 1905. This year there was the first revolution in Russia. The Russian population had a hard time, because it was necessary to get somewhere food. The household was also malnourished, as there was a lack of cereals.

In general, the artist, who grew up in Vyatka, where the weather was always quite harsh, loved his native nature very much. She received a noticeable reflection in his work. Nevertheless, in the artist’s paintings one can see the beauty of nature not only of his native land, but also of all of Russia. Rylov became one of the best landscape painters of the 20th century, although he wrote not only landscapes.

A grandfather and his granddaughter came to the forest to feed their horses. Grass in the forest a bit, although the animals are trying to graze. The little foal is already completely emaciated, but he is holding on to his life with all his might. It seems that every piece of grass, he seizes with a certain effort. The white horse is more hardened. She looks at her child with sadness in her eyes. It seems that she understands that soon her little foal will die.

Grandfather left his granddaughter to watch the horses, and he went in search of mushrooms. It is seen that the grandfather is already very old. His camp was hunched, it is difficult for him to move. The girl is no longer busy looking after the horses, but eating the rowan. She carefully picks up delicious berries with her thin fingers, afraid to drop at least one on the ground. The grandfather is located far beyond the girl. This suggests that between them a whole life: the girl is still ahead, and the old man will soon fall asleep in perpetual sleep.

This picture was written by the author to show the harsh everyday life of ordinary people. And so lived not only this grandfather and granddaughter, but all the other peasants.

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