Description of the painting by Alexander Shilov “flowered wild roseum”

Description of the painting by Alexander Shilov flowered wild roseum

The painting “Bloom of a wild rosemary” was written by Russian contemporary Alexander Shilov. The portrait was painted in 1980. By the way, this work was done in two versions. One of the paintings hangs in the gallery of the name of its author – Alexander Shilov, the second – in the State Tretyakov Gallery.

Portrait is the dominant genre in the work of Shilov. The heroes of his paintings are the stories of generations and time. In the facial expressions and postures of people, the fleeting and inimitable moments of their lives, in which their images froze, AM Shilov strives honestly and to the smallest detail to reveal and preserve the personality of their personality.

Before us is Galina Lachinova. This elderly woman is a primary school teacher. The severity and accuracy is reflected in the clothes – a modest dark suit, jacket and blouse. Nothing extra and distracting! Gray hair is tied up in a bun, any jewelry is missing, including the wedding ring. The latter may be an accident, or emphasizes the dedication of this woman, who devoted herself entirely to the education of many generations, but perhaps also doomed her to loneliness.

A portrait of an unremarkable, seemingly ordinary woman hides deep philosophical reflections. Outside the window, winter, Galina Nikolaevna’s life is almost over and will inevitably end. But on the lips of an old woman a soft smile, a look warm and a bit bewildered. Despite the prevalence of dark tones and sadness that accompanies old age, the space is lit up with timid rays of light, and the face of an elderly teacher glows with hope and joy.

In the jar the wild rosemary blooms just as if embarrassed. Quite small buds are heralds of fast spring and a symbol of the endless cycle of life. Seasons replace each other, the same thing happens with people. They are born, live and die, some are replaced by others. This is inevitable, and it seems that this fact saddens Galina Nikolaevna. For this energetic and active woman, life turned out to be too fleeting, not allowing time to fulfill all our plans. And at this very moment, when a wild rosemary blossomed on her window-sill, she remembers precious and precious moments.

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