Description of the painting by Albrecht Durer “Self-portrait in the image of Christ”

Description of the painting by Albrecht Durer Self portrait in the image of Christ

“Self-portrait” (another name of the painting “Self-portrait in clothes decorated with fur”) is one of the famous paintings of the artist, which was kept for a long time in his family and not intended for the general public. On the self-portrait, we still see a fairly young man with a beautiful face (the artist was not even 30 years old at the time of writing). His clever and slightly tired eyes carefully look at the viewer, full lips, framed by a small beard and mustache, indicate sensuality and thirst for love. Curled hair in neat curls descend below the shoulders onto fur-trimmed expensive clothes, the right arm is raised to the chest.

Durer’s innovation was the image of himself in full face on a secular portrait (recall that in this period (1500 The figures on the secular portraits were depicted in profile or in a semi-profile and only religious images could be made in a full-face fashion. This image directly intersects with the iconographic image of Jesus Christ, especially since you can see the similarity of the artist’s face and Savior’s appearance (the same long wavy hair, small beard and mustache, skinny face with classical features, etc., inscriptions on icon in the right and left part of the picture). Similar art canvases were characteristic of Renaissance artists who proclaimed the ideal of man, comparing him with an earthly god. Thus, the artist lifts himself as a representative of this new time, which he erects on the pedestal of a man-creator (no wonder he so carefully writes out his right hand, which created this image). He himself

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