Description of the painting by Vincent van Gogh “Pink roses”

Amazing canvases painted by van Gogh, but nobody bought his works. At least while he was alive, no one was interested in his canvases. It was a pity to him, and his friends, that

Description of the painting by Sergei Vinogradov “Plays”

Since 1910, S. A. Vinogradov, like his associates from the Union of Russian Artists, was seriously fascinated by the theme of the old estates of the Russian Empire. The new trend spawned an extensive

Description of the painting by Jacques Louis David “The Coronation of Napoleon and Empress Josephine”

The artist worked on the painting for about two years and created a huge canvas. The painter depicted about 150 characters. Each image is realistic and accurate, the master wrote all the characters from

Description of the painting by Titian Vecellio “Danae”

This picture was created by the artist Tiziano Vecellio. “Danae” is one of the paintings that were once written specifically for the King of Spain. The picture is written with the help of oil.

Description of the painting by Vincent Van Gogh “Lilac bush”

The researchers found that the baths of Gogh depicted one of the corners of the beautiful garden of the hospital in Saint-Remy. At the bottom of the picture we see irises. They are found

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “Gala, contemplating Corpus hypercubus”

Relationships of Salvador Dali and his wife Gala were repeatedly brought up for discussion, described in articles, notes, books, slandered and exalted by opponents and supporters of the artist. She is a femme fatale

Description of the painting by Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky “St. George Monastery”

The popular marine painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky is a unique leader of the creators of the marine theme. A large number of paintings by the author, dedicated to the sea, he, like no one

Description of the painting by Mstislav Dobuzhinsky “Doll”

Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, one of those artists, is among the people that they knew – they were created for art. Despite all the setbacks, he continued to work on himself and improved. The artist often

Description of Leon Bakst’s painting “The Firebird”

Artist Leon Bakst became famous as a theater graphic artist. The premiere of the famous Russian ballet called “The Firebird” took place thanks to the solid work of art masters, including Bakst. He created

Description of the painting by Victor Borisov-Musatov “Tapestry”

Victor Borisov-Musatov was born in Saratov, where he lived all his youth. He studied at the Moscow School of Art, where he was taught to flawlessly master the brush and convey his mood with
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